No Order Minimums: How Paparazzi Gives You Consistent Profit Margins for Your Business

January 26, 2023 by
Liz @ Precious Feelings

No order minimums. How does that work exactly?

When it comes to running a successful business, every little bit of savings counts. That's why Paparazzi Accessories offers us consultants the best deals in the industry: no order minimums. This means you can order as little or as much as you want, without having to worry about reaching a certain threshold. This is on top of no monthly minimums, which you can learn more about it in this other post.

With Paparazzi Accessories, you don't have to worry about reaching a minimum order amount every time you place an order. Simply put, our company offers no minimums per order. Whether you decide to order just one $5 piece at a wholesale price of $2.75, or hundreds of pieces at a time, the choice is completely up to you.

Do not be penalized for order size: get highest profit margins from the get goDo not be penalized for order size: get highest profit margins from the get go

Unlike other companies, with Paparazzi you don't have to meet a threshold before you can place an order. This means you can start your business at any level, without penalty and with no change in the wholesale price. The wholesale price stays the same, regardless of the size of your order, which means your profit margins are always consistent. What a fantastic benefit!


Paparazzi no order minimumsThe Benefits of No Order Minimums: Why having access to low wholesale price at any order size is an advantage

Flexibility in Ordering

So, what exactly does this mean for you? Well, for starters, it means you have complete flexibility when it comes to ordering. Whether you're just starting out and only want to order a few pieces, or you're a seasoned pro looking to stock up on inventory, the choice is yours. And the best part? The wholesale price stays the same, regardless of the size of your order. This means your profit margins will always be consistent.


Consistent Profit Margins

But why is this such an advantage? For one, it makes it much easier to calculate how well your business is doing. You don't have to do endless calculations for products that end up with different profit margins. You don't waste time with it because there are never orders that give you different wholesale prices based on order size.

With no minimums, you can focus on growing your business in a way that works best for you, without feeling pressured to meet certain thresholds. This gives you the freedom to run your business while concentrating on what makes sense to you and that works with your budget. With this mindset, your jewelry business can be profitable with a sustainable model.


Level Playing Field for Consultants

Another advantage of no order minimums is that it levels the playing field for all of our consultants. Whether you're placing a small order or a large one, you'll be able to take advantage of the same low wholesale prices. This means that even if you're just starting out, you won't be penalized for your order size. You'll be able to get the highest profit margins from the get-go.


Control Over Inventory

But that's not all. With no order minimums, you'll also have more control over your inventory. You can grow your business at your own pace, without losing profits due to varying margins. Plus, you won't have to worry about overstocking or running out of certain items. You can order exactly what you need, when you need it.


A business opportunity you can't afford to miss

Having no order minimums is a huge advantage for any business looking to grow and be profitable. With Paparazzi Accessories, you'll have the freedom to run your business in a way that works best for you, consistent profit margins and the ability to order what you need, when you need it. So, why not join us today and start taking advantage of all the benefits that come with no order minimums?

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Liz @ Precious Feelings January 26, 2023
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