Orchid and Magenta Petals Jewelry Set with Baroque Pearls - Fashion Fix - Lush Layers


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Floral jewelry set with baroque pearls!

Featuring playful styles accented with fun pops of color, the Glimpses of Malibu Collection is an endearing assortment of cheerful and whimsical laid-back fashion. From the bubbly outgoing socialite who isnÕt afraid to make a fashion statement to the introspective wallflower who is charmed by soft feminine prints and flawless finishing touches, thereÕs something for everyone in the Glimpses of Malibu Collection.

Includes one of each accessory featured in this Trend Blend Fashion Fix:
Necklace: Lush Layers - Pink (P2ST-PKXX-163SB)
Post Earrings: Lush Limit - Pink (P5PO-PKXX-109SB)
Bracelet: Lush Landscaping - Pink (P9WH-PKXX-329SB)
Ring: Lush Lotus - Pink (P4WH-PKXX-258SB)

A curved cluster of cloudy Radiant Orchid and matte Viva Magenta petals drip down a silver chain resulting in a floral twist below the collar. A collection of cloudy Radiant Orchid teardrops, silver beads, cloudy Viva Magenta beads, and iridescent-dipped baroque pearls trickle between each Viva Magenta petal for additional whimsical movement. Features an adjustable clasp closure. Due to its prismatic palette, color may vary. Includes one pair of matching earrings.

A silver stud gives way to a silver hoop with an iridescent-dipped baroque pearl center. A cloudy Radiant Orchid bead dangles below the ring while a collection of curved, Viva Magenta matte petals cluster into a whimsical lure for a colorful finish. Earring attaches to a standard fishhook fitting. Due to its prismatic palette, color may vary.

Cloudy Radiant Orchid and Viva Magenta beads, silver beads, and iridescent-dipped baroque pearls elegantly drip along silver frames stretched together on elastic stretchy bands around the wrist, creating a whimsically-clustered display. Due to its prismatic palette, color may vary.

Rippling in curved textures, cloudy Radiant Orchid petals bloom from a daintier collection of matte Viva Magenta petals atop airy silver bands for a whimsical, oversized display. Features a stretch ring band for a flexible fit. Stretchy adjustable ring fits sizes 6 to 10.

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E#: 1619487478

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