Big Pearl Jewelry Set with Crystals in Silver - Fashion Fix - Ballerina

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Big pearl jewelry set!

Timeless and classic yet sophisticated and versatile, the Fiercely 5th Avenue Collection features elegant designs and traditional metal finishes. Never one to shy away from a bit of sparkle, the fan of this set is a powerhouse professional who accessorizes strategically, creating a polished look for the office that easily transitions to an elegantly glamorous after-hours style.

Complete Set includes:
Necklace: "Caliber Choreographer - White" (P2ST-WTXX-135NT)
Earring: "Ballerina Balance - White" (P5ST-WTXX-068NT)
Bracelet: "​Pleasing Pirouette - White" (P9ST-WTXX-042NT)
Ring: "Really Bubbly - White" (P4RE-WTXX-518XX)

Exaggerated white pearls and silver beads, silver studs, a white rhinestone-encrusted sphere, and a silver ball with textured spirals dance along the collar, connecting to a silver serpentine chain in a showcase of glitz and elegance. Features an adjustable clasp closure. Includes one pair of matching earrings.

An oversized lustrous white pearl is suspended from two dainty silver chains that delicately sway from an airy silver sphere, adorned in sparkling white gems for a classy dance of elegance at the ear. Earring attaches to a standard fishhook fitting.

Varying sizes of lustrous pearls are threaded along a wire that curves and spins around the wrist, creating an elegant infinity wrap style bracelet. Reflective silver beads border the ends of the pearly display for additional sheen and glitz.

Dainty, bubbly white pearls and glittery white rhinestones are sprinkled across three airy silver bands, creating a refined centerpiece. The centermost band features rhinestones only, drawing the eye to its subtle sparkle. Features a stretch ring band for a flexible fit. Fits ring sizes 6 to 10.

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