Oversized Gem Jewelry Set in Silver with Blue and Pink Crystals - Fashion Fix - Evolving Elegance


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Fueled by abstract designs and funky combinations of the most daring trends, the Sunset Sightings Collection features audacious, outside-the-box fashion. Sunset Sightings fashionistas celebrate individuality, pulling ideas from runway shows and TikTok feeds. This collection was made for those who thrive on pushing the envelope and their bold fashion choices are usually met with envious onlookers saying, “I wish I could pull that off!”

Includes one of each accessory:
Necklace: "Evolving Elegance - Pink" (P2ST-PKXX-147OO)
Earring: "Developing Dignity - Pink" (P5ST-PKXX-032OO)
Bracelet: "Transforming Taste - Pink" (P9ST-PKXX-020OO)
Ring: "Changing Class - Pink" (P4ST-PKXX-016OO)
Featuring a unique rubber-like backdrop in a vibrant hue of Rose Violet, a collection of oversized gems in light blue and bright pink links below the collar on a silver paperclip chain for a jaw-dropping statement. Features an adjustable clasp closure. Includes one pair of matching earrings.
Featuring Rose Violet rubber-like frames, a glassy collection of light blue and bright pink round, teardrop, hexagonal, and emerald-cut gems trickle from the ear for a shoulder-dusting fashion. Earring attaches to a standard fishhook fitting.
Featuring Rose Violet rubber-like frames, a glassy collection of bright pink round and teardrop gems and light blue emerald-cut gems link around the wrist on an elastic stretchy band for a colorfully classic look. Stacked silver beads alternate between each frame, infusing the design with a touch of industrial sheen.
A vivid, faceted, light blue gem is pressed into the center of a hexagonal Rose Violet rubber-like frame, creating a powerful pop of color atop the finger. Features a stretch ring band for a flexible fit. Stretchy adjustable ring fits sizes 6 to 10.

L#: 69342
E#: 1513107788

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